Gift box ELEGANCE BARCELONA extra virgin olive oil


Gift Box Elegance Barcelona By L'Oli Ferrer Extra virgin olive oil

ELEGANCE BARCELONA BY L’OLI FERRER extra virgin olive oil, elegant and subtil, a LUXURY product of superior category, made from selected Arbequina olives of centennial olive trees in the area of Siurana, that are picked at the optimal time of maturity in October to develop a gourmet olive oil of exceptional quality. An extra virgin olive oil (E.V.O.O), with a characteristic of fruity, fresh, high intensity smell and soft sweetness., takes us to the origins of our Mediterranean terroir.

It is an extra virgin Arbequina olive oil (E.V.O.O) as a major health food of the Mediterranean diet, obtained from first cold pressed olives by mechanical procedures which do not modify its natural composition without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, with a high content in natural antioxidants, and polyphenols that maintain all vitamin content, such vitamin E, and the properties of olive oil, and preserve the olive oil benefits.

Tasting notes

A harmonious and very aromatic olive oil with delicate taste that transmits
its aromatic characters and flavour to the food. That leaves a fruity bouquet in the nose and mouth.The fruity, mature olive is clearly recognisable, reminding one of fresh fruits like green apples, freshly cut grass tomatoes and almonds in the mouth and in the nose.
It leaves a sweet taste in the mouth with a slightly pleasant bitter spicy trace.The maximum acidity is less than 0.15.

Pairing notes

Our extra virgin olive oil, is used both for the preparation of different dishes and also to accompany ready dishes, in modern and traditional cuisine alike.   

Recommended for use in raw, salads, it is a perfect ingredient to balance and texture of dishes such as fish, pasta, vegetables, salads, carpaccio, cheese, cold soups, bread, rice, and dessert.

Our olive oils can be found in gourmet Barcelona stores and delicatessen shops online and in our gourmet products online.

Available in Gift box with interior of foam, measures 15x20x 5.5 cm and the glass bottles with formats of 100 ml and 200 ml.

Protected from light and heat.