Strawberry Gazpacho Recipe

Receta de Gazpacho con Fresas

Strawberry gazpacho with avocado and anchovies with extra virgin olive oil and L’Oli Ferrer vinegar

Surprise your guests these Christmas parties, with this super easy and inexpensive entree to make, Strawberry Gazpacho with avocado and anchovies, a simple but delicious recipe, full of textures, the unctuousness of the gazpacho with the creaminess of the avocado and the contrast of the anchovy.

Receta de Gazpacho con Fresas

Easy and original Christmas starter recipe

Ingredients (4-5 people)

Garnish of the strawberry recipe with avocado and anchovies

  • 1 Avocado
  • 8 anchovies
  • Sesame with salt
  • Essence organic L’Oli Ferrer extra virgin olive oil
  • Pedro Ximènez L’Oli Ferrer vinegar caviar
  • Flor de Sal L’Oli Ferrer

Preparation of the recipe

To prepare this dish, you only need half a kilo of strawberries, previously well washed and removed the peduncle, half a tender onion, red pepper, crush black pepper until you get a very homogeneous cream. If we add two tablespoons of our Pedro Ximénez Organic Vinegar, a pinch of our Flor de Sal L’Oli Ferrer and a deciliter of our Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the result will be exceptional.

Elegance olive oil, being very aromatic but soft, will provide aromas and flavor but without conditioning the flavor of the ingredients.

Reserve the mixture in the refrigerator and at the time of serving we put the garnish.

Recipe garnish

As a side dish we will put avocado cut into wedges, anchovy and finish the dish with a splash of our organic Essence Arbequina EVOO “early harvest” and our Pedro Ximénez L’Oli Ferrery Vinegar Caviar Olive Oil Caviar L’Oli Ferrer and Flor de Salt of the Mediterranean L’Oli Ferrer.

In this case, we have chosen avocado and anchovy for garnish, the contrast of flavors is spectacular, but we give you 3 other garnish options.

Place the avocado and anchovy on a toast of bread previously spread with EVOO Elegance Barcelona by L’Oli Ferrer, add a little sesame to finish the plate and cut chives flower very small.

Another garnish option may also include cooked prawns on the gazpacho and end with the trickle of Extra virgin olive oil Elegance By L’Oli Ferrer. The number of prawns depending on the diners, one per plate.

Finally, the most laborious and expensive of all options would be to introduce a lobster as a side dish. Before starting to prepare the gazpacho, boil the lobster with a little salt, peel it and reserve it until the time of plating; Then place it in pieces on the gazpacho and finish with a splash of Extra virgin olive oil Elegance. A lobster every 4 people.

Plating influences a lot when it comes to surprising with this recipe, use a cocktail glass or a nice bowl. Your guests will be delighted with this Christmas entree, bon appetit!