Mediterranean Salt Flower


    Mediterranean Salt Flower L'Oli Ferrer

    L’OLI FERRER Mediterranean salt flower is the pure form of salt, collected manually from the upper layers following the traditional techniques between the months of April to September in the Delta del Ebro. After the manual collection it is dried in the sun. It is 100% natural without any treatment or additives.

    Some call it the queen of salt. The exceptional quality being of marine origin is characterized by high mineral content; it contains 80% of the trace elements necessary for the body such as iodine, magnesium, selenium, fluoride and potassium that are basic for our health. Its use emphasizes and intensifies the flavor of the food itself.

    Tasting Notes

    White with pink and greyish hughlights, subtle notes of violets and delicate marine smell.

    Pairing Notes

    It is used to enhance the taste of food itself, to finish a dish, both meat, fish or vegetables, and desserts like chocolate.

    Available in 50 gr glass jars.