Recipe of Marinated Sardines in Citrus

Receta de Sardinas Marinadas


We present a simple and inexpensive starter dish recipe for this Christmas. We don’t always have to wait for these holidays when products like seafood are more expensive; We can also enjoy them in other times. An economical but deliciously tasty product with the marinade that we are going to present. A dish that we can leave prepared 2 days before.

Recipe for 8 people.

Ingredients of the recipe of Marinated Sardines:

Recipe preparation:

We recommend you buy the fish days before the holidays, that you clean it very well in the fish market and ask that they do it in fillets; cover it very well with film and freeze it at least 48 hours before marinating.

We will defrost the night before marinating them.

For the marinade:

We will make a juice with all citrus fruits; we will add 3 tablespoons of Organic Balsamic Vinegar from Pedro Ximénez L’Oli Ferrer and the zest of half the citrus peel. We will leave the loins of the sardines marinating for 2 hours.

In a bowl we will mix the sugar with the fat salt, then grate the half of the citrus peel (lemon, lime, tangerine and orange) on the mixture, we also add a rosemary branch to give aroma.

In another deep container, we will place the mixture of approximately 1.5 cm. We place the loins of the sardine with the skin down and cover with another layer of the mixture. Let the mixture stand for 1 hour and a half; After that time, we will clean the loins of the sardines by the tap to remove the excess of the mixture, and then we will dry them well.

We will cover them with extra virgin olive oil Elegance Barcelona by L’Oli Ferrer of the Arbequina variety; and we will leave them in the fridge until the time of placing.

Drain the remaining oil and place the loins with the skin under a beautiful dish; On the loins we place Caviar of extra virgin olive oil L’Oli Ferrer of the Picual variety and also Caviar of Balsamic Vinegar of Pedro Ximénez L’Oli Ferrer.

An explosion of flavors

Receta de Sardinas Marinadas

The result will be a spectacular explosion of flavors in our palate, of the spherification of the EVOO and Vinegar of Pedro Ximénez in conjunction with the sardines marinated in the citrus fruits, the vinegar of Pedro Ximénez L’Oli Ferrer and the aromas of the Arbequina variety of our EVOO Elegance by L’Oli Ferrer. Mediterranean aromas of tomato, just cut grass and almond, finally add to the recipe with our Mediterranean Salt Flower L’Oli Ferrer.

Your diners will enjoy the explosion of flavors and textures, bon appetit!