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Gourmet Balsamic Vinegar

Pedro Ximénez Balsamic Organic Vinegar


Gourmet Balsamic Vinegar

Pedro Ximénez organic balsamic vinegar


The vinegars of L’Oli Ferrer stand out for being gourmet organic balsamic vinegars of the best quality, made with 100% organic grapes from Pedro Ximénez without added sugars. Pedro Ximénez grapes are traditionally pansified, a sun-drying process called pansification where fresh grapes become raisins, a process that naturally concentrates the sugars of the grapes.

Organic balsamic vinegar is obtained from the reduction of grape must, until a thick “syrup” is achieved, which will determine the balsamic degree of our vinegars, the BIO grape must be the basis of our vinegars made naturally, that together with the fine 100% organic high quality wines from Pedro Ximénez provide vinegar with great aromatic complexity.

Subsequently they carry out an aging process in wooden barrels by the traditional system of “criaderas y soleras”. This is how we get an organic balsamic reserve vinegar that by its evolution in wooden barrel gives us more aromas of roasted, coffee, cocoa and wood.

Our vinegars have an acidity between 5º and 6º. This total acidity or acetic grade informs us of the proportion of acetic acid that contains or all acids that it has in gr / 100 ml.

The best balsamic organic vinegar can be used in our gastronomy in cold soups, salads, game dishes, red meats, as a reduction or as an accompaniment to cooked dishes; also in desserts with wild red fruits, key ingredient in pickles, and marinades, as it is used as a preservative.

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