The most gourmet Christmas present

They often say that our gourmet olive oil and products look like perfumes. Is it due to its fragrance, or maybe because of its packaging? Who knows. We like calling it “Gourmet Beauty”. Nevertheless, we at L’Oli Ferrer elaborate every little bottle with care and hope, and with respect for the environment. And this Christmas we want them to become the perfect gift.

Year after year, it’s getting increasingly difficult to astonish our loved ones with outstand-ing presents. We tend to have little time at our disposal to think of the ideal Christmas gift and we usually end up wrapped around clichés: perfumes, jewelry, books. Enough of that! This year we want you to truly amaze every family member and friend.

Design gourmet products

As a Christmas gift, we have plenty to offer:

Genuine gastronimic treasures!

All of them presented in well-designed bottles tucked inside an elegant case that guards and guarantees its premium quality.

Christmas gift packs

This Christmas we have also prepared packs full of gourmet gifts. In their inside we combine our quality products in ideas to surprise your gourmet loved ones even more with these Christmas gifts.

Far beyond gastronomy

L’Oli Ferrer exists out of the need of combining fine gastronomy with the beauty and good taste of Barcelona. We want to go further, we believe in the importance of surprising with all five senses.

L’Oli Ferrer isn’t just giving away some gourmet extra virgin olive oil or some delicious vinegar caviar. It’s all about giving design and, above all, experience. Because every L’Oli Ferrer product comes with a tasting note and pairing ideas to make your meal as delight-ful as it can be. Besides, our oils mind the environment, since most of our foods are eco-logical. Olive oil has traditionally been labeled as ‘liquid gold’ and, it seems to us, this now makes more sense than ever.

Shall we give gourmet beauty this Christmas?