L'Oli Ferrer

L’Oli Ferrer is a family business founded in Barcelona by the Ferrer sisters; with the aim to offer a selection of high quality gourmet products, the best olive oils and vinegars from our land.

Driven by passion for gastronomy, with aim to produce L’Oli Ferrer, the essence of the fifth sense, in our products all the manufacturing processes are handled by us. Professionalism and care characterise our work from the selection of raw materials to the design and distribution; with continuous improvement and innovation, in order to achieve, products with character and identity to ensure satisfaction and enjoyment at the time of tasting.

Our philosophy is to share the excellence and quality of the our best olive oils and delicatessen food through L’Oli Ferrer; the outstanding products that form part of our roots which brings us the aromas and flavors of our origins, and bring us happiness and good times.

L’Oli Ferrer is made from 100% natural ingredients, fundamental to the Mediterranean diet; in most of the cases certified by the organism of organic farming (CCPAE).

We offer products at national and international markets, through gourmet shops.