Strawberry salmorejo with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Balsamic Vinegar and Mediterranean Salt Flower L’Oli Ferrer


In this post we present you an easy and inexpensive recipe to prepare and above all loaded with vitamins to boost our immune system. Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the final stretch of the strawberry season and that we are already starting to have tomatoes, this starter will surprise your guests, you can also make it at any time of the year, as a Christmas recipe, but it is always optimal to take advantage of the season of the product.

Ingredients (4-5 persons)

 Topping for Salmorejo

  • Strawberry
  • Elegance Barcelona L’Oli Ferrer extra virgin olive oilr
  • Mediterranean salt flower

Preparation of the recipe

To prepare this simple recipe, first we wash the strawberries well, remove the peduncle and soak them with a drizzle of vinegar for 15 minutes; We wash the tomatoes and chop them, add them to the mixer together with the cut strawberries, add half a clove of garlic or 1 according to taste, removing the center, the breadcrumbs from the previous day’s bread previously soaked in a little water, pepper black and add three tablespoons of arbequina Extra Virgen Olive oil Elegance Barcelona, a tablespoon of our Organic Balsamic Vinegar Pedro Ximénez and a pinch of our Mediterranean L’Oli Ferrer, and in a few minutes you will have a nutritious and simple dish . The trick to obtain a creamy texture in the salmorejo, is the type of tomato that you use that is more meaty and non-aqueous and the emulsion of extra virgin.

Elegance Barcelona by L’Oli Ferrer olive oil will add aromas to the strawberry salmorejo, but being soft, it will not affect the flavor of the products.

Pedro Ximénez Organic Vinegar combines perfectly with strawberries and gives it a different touch that will delight even the most foodies.

Reserve the mixture in the refrigerator and at the time of serving we put the garnish.



This time for the topping I put a good jet of olive oil Elegance Barcelona by L’Oli Ferrer, Mediterranean Salt Flower L’Oli Ferrer and some strawberries, but we give you other topping options.

Some very small cut tomatoes, toast and a splash of extra virgin olive oil Essence Ecológico by L’Oli Ferrer “Early harvest EVOO” and Mediterranean Salt Flower.

Another option would be the classic topping of the Cordovan salmorejo, a good shaved ham, a little boiled egg and a squirt of EVOO Elegance Barcelona by L’Oli Ferrer.

You can also put cooked prawns, 2 prawns per diner and finish with a good splash of Elegance Barcelona olive oil and L’Oli Ferrer Mediterranean Flor de Sal.

You can complement all these options with our Pedro Ximénez Vinegar Caviar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Caviar that will give the presentation a sophisticated and avant-garde touch. Plating a simple recipe like this can be the key to surprise your diners and turn it into a signature dish.

Your guests will be surprised with this dish, do not hesitate many times less is more!


Enjoy your meal!