What is balsamic vinegar good for?

Balsamic vinegar is famous for being a dense, full-bodied and slightly sweet vinegar. This product is made by a process of ‘criaderas y soleras’, which consists of a mixture of older and younger vinegars to achieve a vinegar with character and characteristics of its own, with unique organoleptic characteristics.

Despite what many may think, vinegar is a dressing that ties perfectly with all kinds of dishes from vinaigrettes, vegetables, meats, fish and even desserts.

Not only is its flavor and texture what sets a good balsamic difference from the rest of vinegars, but its properties and benefits are also a relevant point of this product.


Regulating blood sugar

A study by an American university suggests that balsamic vinegar can help maintain blood sugar after eating. That’s why it’s an ingredient that could be good for a diabetic person’s diet.

Good digestion

The acetic acid that carries balsamic vinegar has in its content probiotics that are beneficial to our digestive health and therefore the same vinegar helps us to have an easier digestion.

Lowering cholesterol

Balsamic vinegar and its antioxidant properties help limit our body’s bad cholesterol (LDL). That is why it can be said that this product helps to maintain and even lower our cholesterol level.

 Losing weight

Thanks to probiotics, which we have already mentioned above, balsamic vinegar helps us to satiate before and therefore to ingest fewer calories. Not to mention, of course, the delicious touch of flavor it provides to any salad or diet dish, without providing just calories.

Diuretic action

Balsamic vinegar is also a potassium-rich ingredient, so it helps our body with the retention of liquids thus exerting an important diuretic effect in our body.Nourish your bodyBeing a product made from grapes, it maintains many of its properties. That’s why we can talk about a product rich in minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.


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Our customers appreciate it for being a tasty but delicate vinegar, being a vinegar that pleases vinegar lovers but that fascinates those who do not usually use it. Try it and tell us your experience.