Healthy recipe for cookies with EVOO Elegance and Mediterranean Salt Flower L’Oli Ferrer

Tasty and healthy cookies that will be present in your kitchen for the whole family, for breakfast, afternoon tea and to have between hours.

They are very easy to make and we give you the option to replace the ingredients or to add new ones. If you are many at home I recommend doubling the measure of the recipe.


100 grams of flour integrates or oatmeal 100ml extra virgin olive oil L’Oli Ferrer 100 grams of oat flakes

100 grams of panela/whole brown sugar 1 egg

Cinnamon powder

Teaspoon of vanilla essence

1 pinch of Sal flower from the Mediterrani L’Oli Ferrer

Optional: Orange scrape, sesame, raisins, blueberries, walnuts, flaxseeds.


In a bowl we put the dry elements, flour, oat flakes, brown sugar, cinnamon and Mediterranean Salt Flower L’Oli Ferrer.

Mix with a fine spatula (for this recipe we don’t need robot, or blender) and add the beaten eggs, vanilla essence, extra virgin olive oil Elegance L’Oli Ferrer and when mixed we add the chocolate chips and optional products that you want to add it.

We leave it in the fridge in the cold for half an hour, and ready to shape them, we take with a spoon, make a ball, flatten it a little and put it on the oven plate.

At 180º for 10 minutes, until the edge is golden brown. It is removed and placed on an oven rack where they will finish hardening. We put a little L’Oli Ferrer salt flower on them and ready to eat them!