Extra virgin olive oil to give away

When it comes to buying a gift, we often ran out of ideas. And it is that beyond the object itself we seek that touch of originality that can bring to the present that plus of personality.

For these cases, without a doubt, giving gastronomy is a great option. It’s not a matter of buying a simple wine or chocolates, but of appealing to our most gourmet ‘I’ to surprise from the hand of a delicatessen product.


Some say that it is liquid gold since it is, without a doubt, one of the jewels of Mediterranean gastronomy. It is a delicious and healthy gift, perfect for those lovers of good food.

In the online store of L’OLI FERRER you can buy 100% Mediterranean AOVE, Pedro Ximénez organic balsamic vinegar, salt flower and oil and vinegar caviar. You can purchase all products separately or purchase their gourmet gift packs.

L’OLI FERRER has designed all its products with special care, to make them the perfect gift for any occasion. They can serve as a present for someone who invites you to a home dinner, a gift for Mother’s Day or even the ideal detail to give to guests at weddings or as a gourmet gift for companies.

All products come in elegant packaging – whether perfume or case – that will make your gift a unique piece.In the case of gourmet gift cases, they all come in a nice silky touch box with padded interior so that the bottle and/or jar does not move. On the other hand, there is the option to give the products in small boxes of colors, such as those of perfumes; a good option if you want to buy the small format (100ml).


As a novelty, L’OLI FERRER offers you the possibility to customize your gifts from a certain amount.This is a fantastic option for gifts from companies, we can make a Christmas basket to your liking.

Or on the other hand, we can help you create bespoke gifts, which can be ideal for large celebrations, as a gourmet gift for weddings.To find out about all our personalized gift purchase options and our customization options use our contact form.