How to prepare a salad?

Aliñar ensaladas

It may seem a very trivial and may even be insignificant, but there really is a logic behind the dressing of any salad. In fact, I bet the answer will surprise you. 

If we prepare the three most popular ingredients used to season a salad we have: oil, vinegar and salt. And interestingly, that is the order most commonly used at the time of preparing this dish. However, this is erroneous.

The correct order for dressing a salad is first the salt, then the vinegar and finally the oil. Just the reverse of what we all believe. 

This is not a new invention, but has a foundation in the own chemistry of the food. The logic to throw oil at the end is found is its texture oily, which covers to movie mode the ingredients to block the rest of the seasonings to be absorbed. But why is the salt first? Well, simply, because this way it can penetrate more easily in foods such as tomatoes or cucumber. It is for this reason that, again, the correct order is: SALT, VINEGAR AND OIL. 

In reference to this same theme, we can find other tips that will make your salad are always rich and in good condition. A first tip is not to put the dressing until the last minute, just before eating, because if you leave the salad for a long time with the oil and vinegar you can make lettuce and other vegetables are dull. So, for this same reason, it is not recommended that you keep the salad in the fridge to make another day if we have seasoned. 

Have you tried to first take the dressing? Choose a bowl deep, incorporates first your dressing and then the ingredients of your salad. Stir well and ready to enjoy. 


To this day, there are endless recipes for vinaigrettes, sauces and dressings to give a little bit of joy to any salad. However, it is easy to fall into the temptation and disguise their flavor with sauces and dressings on the of the most caloric, taking this dish to your next healthy. That is why we propose to you 3 dressings on the easy, rich and healthy: 

1 – The French: it Is a modification of the typical vinaigrette (salt, pepper, vinegar and oil), but adding a small spoon of mustard and another of honey. 

2 – Caesar dressing-light: in a bowl Mix the yogurt without sugar, fresh lemon juice and a little mustard. Once built, take a blender and crush a couple of anchovies and a bunch of parsley and intégralo all. If you are looking for a sauce heartier, you can add a hard-boiled egg, chopped. 

3 – Asian sauce: Mixture of oil, a splash of vinegar and a little curry powder (hot or biting, depending on the composition of the salad and of the daring you are). Add natural yogurt, more or less, depending on how intense you want it to be. 

Try using Olive Oil Extra Virgin L’OLI FERRER to achieve a result that is healthy, ecological and, above all, with a unique taste. 

You can use our ELEGANCE BARCELONA if you’re looking for is an oil well balanced and aromatic, to leave a sweet taste in the mouth with a light and pleasant touch of spiciness in the mouth. 

However, if you’re looking for intense flavors, try our ESSENCE of taste persistent and of great quality aromatic, fruity and intense on the nose and mouth. An olive oil ideal for salads with avocado or species as the cilantro. 

Dare if you don’t like the vinegar. Our Organic Vinegar from Pedro Ximénez will not leave you indifferent, because it is produced in a natural way with a balsamic vinegar without added sugars. Your salads will never again be the same.