Baby cuttlefish, garlic, parsley and l’Oli FerrerEVOO nero di seppia tagliatelle

Serves 3

  • 250g nero di seppia tagliatelle
  • 12 baby cuttlefishes
  • Chopped garlic and finely minced parsley
  • A splash of white wine
  • L’Oli Ferrer Essence EVOO
  • A pinch of Flor de Sal del Mediterrani L’Oli Ferrer salt.


In a large pot boil the tagliatelle in well salted water until al dente. Drain it and set it aside.

Meanwhile, sauté in a large pan the small cuttlefishes with some olive oil. When they are almost done (it will take about 4/5’) add the chopped garlic and the finely minced parsley, also the splash of white wine. Cover it and let everything cook for about two more minutes.

When everything is done, take a deep bowl, put some tagliatelle in it and top it with 3 or 4 cuttlefishes. Dress everything with some Flor de Sal del Mediterrani L’Oli Ferrer salt, a sprinkle of L’Oli Ferrer Essence EVOO and some cuttlefishes’ sauce. Serve immediately.