What is olive oil for?

First of all, let’s talk about olive oil in the kitchen, what we could say it is the natural habitat of this product.

However, the oil is the king of the stoves, since it is present in almost all of our recipes, especially if we like Mediterranean gastronomy. That is why the oil is essential in our salads, either just as a dressing or as an ingredient of any delicious vinaigrette or sauce.

Another of the most common uses of oil is as the basis of a frying, whether it is breaded meat, fish, tempura vegetables or to fry some homemade croquettes. Some say that it is better to use sunflower oil, because it has a more neutral flavor, resists heat and is also more economical, but other studies reveal that extra virgin olive oil keeps its composition better under high temperatures because the fat does not of olive oil holds more oxidation.

An interesting fact is that the properties of olive oil make ita magnificent preservative.That is why in the past they used it to conserve cheeses, meats… Although it has to be said that it is a use that we also maintain to this day. Who has not tried a can of sardines or canned tuna with oil?

And finally, this oil is a good substitute for butter,not only when cooking in a frying pan, but also in recipes such as desserts or biscuits.

Uses that you don’t know about olive oil

Bet, how many of the uses we tell you then do you think you know? Start counting… Natural anti-inflammatory. Extra virgin olive oil has a high oleocantal content, so it can help reduce ailments according to what kind of illnesses.

  • Mental health. Extra virgin olive oil has been shown to help keep the mind and memory in good shape, so it can help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or other diseases in this medical field.
  • Stop tobacco. One of the many ways to quit smoking is to be taken every morning before you eat a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, as this helps reduce the anxiety and dependence of nicotine.
  • Nice hair. Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer, so it is used to moisturize the ends of the hair, give shine, prevent dandruff and even avoid frizz.
  • Stop snoring. Although it may seem anecdotal, olive oil can be used to avoid snoring at night. Just have a drink before bedtime and this will make our throat lubricated and therefore we can say goodbye to snoring.
  • Baby skin. One of its most frequent uses is as baby moisturizers. Being a natural product, it is perfect to hydrate and treat those areas that may have irritated, either by rubbing the diaper or having the skin especially sensitive.
  • Regenerator. Olive oil is a good regenerator, so there are those who use it to combat facial spots or acne marks. A simple and natural trick.


At L’Oli Ferrer we have different types ofecological extra virgin olive oil that you can use as you like and as you need. Knowing all and tell us which is your favorite.