Pedro Ximénez organic vinegar + Extra virgin olive oil caviar + Mediterranean Salt Flower


Goft box Pedro Ximénext

Pedro Ximénez organic vinegar

The superior quality of our organic vinegar is achieved by the inclusion of 100% organic Pedro Ximénez grapes. The grapes are dried naturally in the sun and are produced without using synthetic chemicals.
The wine is aged through the method of “criaderas y soleras”, obtaining a balsamic vinegar without added sugars, high organoleptic expression and harmony between natural sweetness and acidity.

Tasting notes

Organic Balsamic Vinegar Pedro Ximenez the color is dark mahogany color, fruity, with a hint of sweetness and aromas of PX raisins, caramel and honey, and notes as aged in American oak. It gives a balanced sweetness of the grapes with freshness and acidity.

Pairing notes

The L’Oli Ferrer vinegars are recommended to be used in raw, cold soups, salads, marinated dishes, desserts with red fruits, and in the preparation of dishes as marinades, game dishes, red meat, and vinegar reduction to prepare dishes and foie gras.

Extra virgin olive oil caviar

The olive oil caviar L’OLI FERRER is a new way of presenting the olive oil sferification technique in which a sphere similar to that of caviar a delicatessen product texture is obtained to prepare more selected and avant-garde cuisines. It combines tradition and purity of E.V.O.O. with the most innovative gastronomic technology.

They are pearls of extra virgin olive oil that explode in your mouth to enjoy the flavor of olive oil before merging with the remaining ingredients of the dish.

Tasting notes

The L’OLI FERRER olive oil gourmet caviar is made from 100% picual extra virgin olive oil. This variety has an intense fruity taste with a balanced spicy and bitter savour; its texture is similar to the caviar. 

Pairing notes

Salads, entrees, appetizers, vinaigrettes, cold soups, fish, meat, vegetables and pasta and to finish decoration of the dishes. We do not recommend using it for hot cooking because it would break the texture that covers it. Refrigeration is recommended after opening.

Mediterranean Salt Flower

L’OLI FERRER  Mediterranean salt flower is the pure form of salt, collected manually from the upper layers following the traditional techniques in the Delta del Ebro. After the manual collection it is dried in the sun. It is 100% natural without any treatment or additives.

Tasting notes

White with pink and greyish hughlights, subtle notes of violets and delicate marine smell.

Pairing notes

It is used to enhance the taste of food itself, to finish a dish, both meat, fish or vegetables, and desserts like chocolate.

Available in Gift box with interior of foam, measures 25×16,5×5,5 cm and formats Organic Vinegar 100 ml + Extra virgin olive oil caviar 50 gr.+ Salt Flower 50 gr.