Premium love for Saint Valentine’s Day

Premium love for Saint Valentine’s Day


Unconditional love, romantic love, self-love, family love… There’s as many types of love as gifts to make on Saint Valentine’s Day. Year after year, every February 14th we try to keep up with all kinds of gifts. But which will be the right one?


We at L’Oli Ferrer don’t make distinctions when it comes to love. We just want you, whichever your type of love is, to find your perfect present with us. Give a passionate taste with our gourmet gift packs. Because we pamper every step of production of our gourmet products and we want to share the passion and effort behind each bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar or any other of our gourmet products.


Giving L’Oli Ferrer means giving premium-flavoured love. Not just because the presentation of each of our products (such as extra virgin olive oil, from early harvest or from centenary Arbequina olive trees, balsamic vinegar, olive oil caviar, vinegar caviar, saltflower…) is elegant, but because their quality is prepared to match the most demanding mouths.


In L’Oli Ferrer we bet on honesty and loyalty with all our customers, because we believe that the most sincere relationships are those which last the longest.


Saint Valentine’s is a great day to either celebrate our love or to start a new relationship. Find what true love tastes like and make your loved ones feel the same. Don’t be afraid to exceed or to go  too short: just choose the one gourmet item from our online store that suits you the most. Our gourmet products are a perfect match for a romantic gift, a movie-like dinner or the perfect date.


Moreover, during those days, we are giving away great discounts on our online store. Find them here.


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